Abstracts of Presentations Available

Mom Driven Development – Designing Systems so that my non-technical Mother can use them

In my home, my father and I were technical and my mother was a teacher. She was not versed in computers or programming. However, she taught me a very important lesson in software development: how to construct, document, and teach the non-technical how to use the tools we create. Most of the people that we build applications and systems for are NOT technical. They need our help to navigate the high-tech jungle of apps, clouds, and browsers. In this session Jeff will share his design tips, methodology, and a few tricks to make building applications for your non-technical friends and customers an easier task. His past success in building web applications for teachers and now tools for developers will shape this talk. You will have a new appreciation for making your customers experiences better and they will love you for it. After all, Jeff’s Mom still loves him

Introduction to TypeScript for the ASP.NET web forms developer

TypeScript? You’re a web forms developer, and you are rarely using JavaScript.  Why would you consider using TypeScript?  In this session, you will learn about the advantages of TypeScript over plain JavaScript and how you can use TypeScript to work with your web forms to present a more fluent interface for your customers.  As a bonus, your code will be much more readable and standards compliant.

Attendees in this session will

  • become familiar with basic TypeScript syntax
  • learn how to use TypeScript and JavaScript effectively with their existing web forms applications

Build your first mobile app with Cordova and Telerik Icenium

Mobile has taken over, and you are still programming a line of business application for your employer.  How can you get started building a mobile application that will run on your favorite device without learning a brand new programming language and getting involved with device vendors?  In this session, I will introduce Apache Cordova (Adobe Phonegap) and the Telerik AppBuilder product.  You will learn how to leverage your HTML5 and JavaScript skillset to build applications that will run on any device and can be uploaded to any store.

Attendees in this session will

  • Learn about the Apache Cordova programming model
  • Learn how easy it is to leverage existing assets to build a “forms over data” type of application
  • Learn key differentiators between native, web, and hybrid mobile application models

TypeScript and SignalR – The best of both worlds

SignalR is the new ASP.NET framework that will activate your application, delivering real-time interactions to users.  In this practical session, I will introduce you to SignalR and TypeScript.  Then I will show you how to use SignalR with TypeScript to deliver a simpler programming model that promotes re-usability.  This demo and code filled session will have you walking away wondering why you ever programmed JavaScript with other RESTful service frameworks.

Attendees in this session will

  • Learn the basics of TypeScript
  • Learn the basics of SignalR
  • Coordinate the SignalR framework with TypeScript to deliver a robust API definition

JavaScript Libraries in an ASPX world

In 2014 JavaScript has taken over the web and is a factor in how we build and deliver web applications. This session will show you how to start using these modern JavaScript libraries like Modernizr, Knockout, and Angular to make your web forms application feel faster and better on mobile devices.

Key take-aways from this session include:

  • Developers will be introduced to several modern JavaScript libraries including Knockout and Angular
  • Developers will learn how to use JavaScript libraries to create a compelling client-side experience with their existing web forms applications

Diversified ASP.Net – One Web Project – 4 ASP.Net Frameworks

In this talk I will show you each of the 4 major code frameworks from Microsoft in ASP.Net (WebForms, MVC, WebAPI, and SignalR — what Microsoft refers to as ‘One ASP.Net’) and put together a sample web application that uses each of these frameworks in a cohesive solution.  Our discussion will define the benefits and drawbacks of each framework, leading into a live coding session of our sample project.  You will learn to craft simpler, faster, and more testable solutions.

Mobile ASP.Net Web Forms – Making the impossible possible

In this session, I will show you how to take your bland ASP.Net web application and make it available in a form factor for mobile browsers without re-writing your entire application.  I will also show you how to scale your application for tablets, and handle all of the functionality in a DRY manner.

Key take-aways from this session will include:
* Ability to adapt your existing application to handle phone and tablet screen sizes
* Ability to re-use logic in your current application in new form factors
* Knowledge and comfort around testing your web application for various device screen sizes

Introduction to ASP.Net vNext – The One ASP.Net project in Visual Studio 2013

In this talk, we will investigate and discuss the new ASP.Net project model and the capabilities that this provides to us. I will show you the new features in ASP.Net when you upgrade to Visual Studio 2013, and how to migrate your applications to take advantage of this new platform. Attendees will exit this session with a comfort level about the new ASP.Net that should enable them to start migrating their applications immediately.

Cool, Elegant, and Practical ASP.Net Web Forms

More than 10 years after the initial release of ASP.Net, the web forms framework is still alive and kicking butt.  I’ll show you the latest features and tricks that are available when creating web applications with ASP.Net web forms 2012.2  I’ll also show you some of the beta tools that are available, including the new web forms scaffolding engine.  Attendees will learn to leverage all of the latest tools to make their coding experience simpler, shorter, and more enjoyable.

Introduction to Event Sourcing and Read-Model Projections

In this session, I will introduce the concept of an event as a data storage structure. We will construct an event store for an application and demonstrate how to load, analyze, and project different data structures from the event store.

TDD Windows 8 Metro App Development with HTML5 and JavaScript

Windows 8 is a tremendous opportunity for developers of all skill levels to get in to the app store. We will go from zero to simple app developed in HTML5 and JavaScript using TDD techniques in Visual Studio 2012 and using the QUnitMetro open source test framework. At the conclusion of this session, attendees will walk away with a bundle of source code and a better understanding of how to assure quality in their ‘Modern Style’ apps for Windows 8.

Introduction to the  CQRS  Architecture Pattern

An introductory talk on the CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) architecture, featuring high level architecture discussion and a quick dip into a simple example project. This is not a comprehensive discussion of the topic, but a starter to help you determine if CQRS is right for you. We will discuss Service Bus, Event Sourcing, and Task Based UI concepts during this talk