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Stream Updates and Refactoring a Visual Studio Extension

Today was a good stream, and I felt very productive during it.  We refactored the OptionsPage in the EpicBuildMusic project to allow it to be unit tested, and I even gave the folders, fixtures, and tests names so they made sense.  A replay of today’s stream is below:

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Adding an Options Dialog to a Visual Studio Extension

Today on the stream, I started using both Twitch and Mixer to present my live coding adventures.  My team requested I try Mixer, and it was a cool experience.  I’m using to help broadcast to both services and they have a cool integrated chat room that I am now embedding in the video.

The integrated chat feels a little strange, because folks in one chat room can’t see the comments in the other chat room except in the video I am transmitting.  Anyways, here is today’s video, saved on YouTube:

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Learning how to write Visual Studio Extensions with Epic Build Music

Today on the Twitch stream, I showed the work that I started on my Fritz.EpicBuildMusic extension for Visual Studio.  I’m designing this extension to make your Visual Studio development experience a little more “epic” by playing music during the project build process.

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Beginning to Configure .NET Framework Applications with YAML

In today’s stream on Twitch, I resumed working on my open source project Fritz.ConfigurationBuilders.  This project allows third party configuration sources to affect application configuration in .NET 4.7.1.  Today’s work started introducing YAML files as a configuration source.  You can review the stream video below:

I continue to practice the test-first approach, and use the Live Unit Testing feature of Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise Edition. You an download a free copy of Visual Studio for hobbyists called the ‘Community Edition’.  I had some problems with my unit tests running properly and cleanly in Visual Studio during this stream, but once the stream was over I tried debugging the tests again and everything ran correctly.  I’ll revisit this on Thursday’s stream.

Big thanks to Carl Franklin for allowing me to share his Music to Code By, a set of pomodoro-length songs that help get you in “the flow”.  You can get the first 3 songs for free, and also download the app “Music to Flow By” and get new songs each month.  It’s available for both Android and iOS devices.