Fritz’s 10 Minute Tips – Web Forms + Angular

After the feedback on my demo at DotNetConf 2016 briefly showing how to use Angular with Web Forms, I decided to dive a little deeper into the demo and share a very focused set of source code.  The result was a super-sized 25 minute screencast video that I shared on YouTube:


The source code can be found at:

Check the BeforeVideo1 and AfterVideo1 tags for the before and after source code for this demo.

I’ll be following up with extending this demo a bit further with more tricks over the next few weeks.

DotNetConf 2016 – My talks

This past week I presented two sessions at the dotNetConf 2016 virtual conference from the Channel 9 studios in Redmond.  The content of both sessions are below:

Modernize ASP.NET Web Forms with Visual Studio 2015

.NET Goes Open Source …and you can too!

Many thanks to my teammate Maria Naggaga for helping on the second talk.  She did a lot of the research and put together those awesome slides.

Fritz’s 10 Minute Tips – Where did my bundles go in ASP.NET Core?

After the initial response to my previous video, I’ve decided to keep with the idea of the series and recorded a video about ScriptBundles and how to use the Node tools with ASP.NET Core.  This video is very much inspired by my earlier blog post: “Where Did My ASP.NET Bundles Go in ASP.NET 5?

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